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Calving on Green Grass at the Padlock Ranch

101_2354I recently had the chance to ask Wayne Fahsholtz, CEO of the Padlock Ranch in Ranchester, WY about the Padlock’s experiences with calving on green grass and why they switched over from winter calving back in 2003.

Read all about our email conversation in my two latest Beef Producer blog posts on Fodder for Thought:

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New blogs on technology and stockmanship

Read my two latest Beef Producer blogs on Fodder for Thought.



Young farmers and ranchers wanted

by Jesse Bussard

Some aspiring young producers (Ben Spitzer, Lauren Chase, yours truly, and Rachel Endecott)

For the past couple of weeks there’s been on-going discussion about the need for more youth to become involved in agriculture. There’s been reference to the growing population of older farmers and ranchers (more than 30% of farmers are now over age 65), the difficulty for some young people to become involved in farming, and the need for resources to help these young farmers get the start they need.

In my other blog, Fodder for Thought, I have discussed my thoughts on these issues. There’s no magical answer to solving this problem. As with the way farming has always been, it will take determination, grit, self discipline, and a lot of sweat, blood and tears to make your dreams a reality if you aspire to farm or ranch for a living.

I encourage you to read my latest posts on young farmers by following the links below. Leave your thoughts. I look forward to learning more about your aspirations and thoughts on how we can get more youth involved in agriculture.


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