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October/November 2013 Beef Producer Blogs

For those of you that follow this blog, I apologize for slacking in keeping up to date with my most recent writings. Things have been a bit crazy in my life over the last few months. Job changes, a new relationship, and now with the holidays upon us have made it hard to keep up! Hopefully things will be getting a little more back to normal soon as I am finally getting used to my new routines.

To get up to speed on what I’ve been writing about lately, check out the links posted below:

OCTOBER – This month’s topics include changing paradigms in ranching, the tragic South Dakota blizzard and relief efforts to help the ranchers affect, along with a short discussion on stockmanship.

NOVEMBER – This month’s topics include my synopsis of a stockmanship clinic I attended in Livingston, MT, tips for creating a happy, profitable ranch working environment, sage grouse and livestock grazing issues on federal lands, and a my personal thoughts on being thankful.

~ Jesse R. Bussard

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Are We Raising Cattle Or Beef?

Cattle versus beef … what’s the difference?

You would think the answer should be obvious.

Cattle are not walking hamburgers. Beef patties do not moo.

Who is your real customer, the consumer or the next guy in the marketing chain?

I discuss more in my latest Beef Producer blog on Fodder for Thought.

Read more by clicking HERE.

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Colorado Bull Sale Reminds Me Profit Drives Cattle Industry

14-DSC_0419I recently visited Colorado to attend Pharo Cattle Company’s Spring Bull Sale and spend some time with Kit Pharo and other low-input ranchers. I discuss my thoughts on the experience in my latest post on my Beef Producer blog, Fodder for Thought found HERE

Give it a read and share your thoughts. I’d love to get your feedback.

Also feel free to check out my Facebook albums of photos from the pre-sale meeting featuring a stockmanship demonstration by Curt Pate and the photos from sale day.


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