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Get Ready for Ag Facts Friday!

Tomorrow is Ag Facts Friday!  Ag Facts Friday was started as a campus event aimed at improving the image of agriculture by educating college students about where their food and clothing come from, providing facts about the vital role agriculture plays in our daily lives, and exposing students to the genuine values held by agriculturalists.  The following universities were involved:  Texas A&M University, University of Florida, University of Missouri, College of the Ozarks, Virginia Tech, Penn State University, Kansas State University, University of Nebraska, Mississippi State University, and Clemson University.  You can read more about Ag Facts Friday in Amanda Radke’s BEEF Daily blog post from Tuesday, April 12th.

So to get you all ready for Ag Facts Friday, I figured I would share some Ag Facts about Kentucky!

  • Farmland covers 54% (~13.9 million acres) of the total acreage in the state.
  • The average farm size in Kentucky is 164 acres
  • There is a total of approximately 85,300 farms in the Bluegrass State.
  • Kentucky is in the top five nationally for having the highest number of farms within a state.
  • Lexington is the world’s largest burley tobacco market. Annually, Kentucky produces 262,500,000 pounds of burley tobacco.
  • Union county is the top producing county of both corn and soybeans in the state.
  • Kentucky ranks 1st in the production of non-alfalfa hay.
  • Livestock and livestock products account for about half of Kentucky’s farm income.
  • Kentucky ranks 1st in both the thoroughbred horse breeding industry and in the value of sales at $1 billion.
  • The top agricultural commodities in 2008 were: horses & mules, broiler/meat chickens, corn, cattle & calves, and soybeans.

For more great Ag Facts, you can check out Kid’s Zone: State Agricultural Facts.


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