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Don’t just give thanks, show it


By Jesse Bussard

30 Days of Thanksgiving.


These are just two of the many avenues that I have seen my fellow social media friends using to share why they are thankful during the month of November. And while I realize that this is the month of Thanksgiving and these are indeed great initiatives….do we really need a special reason to express why we are thankful? Shouldn’t we instead be thankful each and every day we are alive?

My life has been full of a lot of ups and downs along the way; the last few months, especially. When I was ‘younger and dumber’ I took many of the blessings in my life for granted. It was until just a few years ago that I realized just how ungrateful I had been. For that eye-opening realization I am thankful. But enough about me…back to the topic at hand.

I think it’s great that your status update and your tweets tell me what your are thankful for today. However, I think it would be even better if we all would actually DO something to show others just how thankful we really are. Let’s give back to our communities. Donate to a food bank. Help serve dinner at a local homeless shelter. Even do something as small as help out a friend in need.

With a little less talk and a lot more action, we might be able to actually do some real good  and create the change that is oh so needed in this crazy, troubled world.

And to show that I’m taking my own advice, I’ll start by DOING something. I’m heading to the grocery store right now to buy some items to donate to a local food bank. I hope you’ll DO something too!


“A life’s meaning is the impact it has on others.” 

Until next time, thanks for reading.

~ Pearl Snaps

4 thoughts on “Don’t just give thanks, show it

  1. Jesse-
    Thanks so much for sharing this and paying it forward. Today, I mailed a care packaged to a soldier that’s overseas with no loved ones back home. I don’t know the soldier. I got his name from a friend, who had fellow soldiers in his unit that didn’t get care packages and letters like others. It felt great to just do something for someone who is sacrificing so much for our country. The best part was that another friend wanted to take part, and she’s going to now put together a package with her kids.

    Keep being great, doing selfless things, and inspiring!

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  3. I decided to donate my clothes to charity!! Now I’m cold and these paper overalls the police put on me really chafe’s……….

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