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Who are you living for?


by Jesse Bussard

There are three things you can do with your life: You can waste it, you can spend it, or you can invest it. The best use of your life is to invest your life in something that will outlast it. The worst thing you can do is to live simply for today and to live for yourself.

I used to be one of those individuals that did the latter. I didn’t think anything mattered but myself. I was angry at my family, the world, and my life in general. I was reckless and did what I thought was right for me. There’s a lot of reasons for this and it would take more time than a blog post to explain it all. The short of the long version is this…

I was living my life by letting my circumstances define who I was. I had a rough childhood. I got treated bad by some people. And then I let the anger and resentment from those experiences consume me and make me the person that I was. I always tell people, I’m not the same person today that I was 10 years ago and that makes me happy. I wouldn’t want you to know the me from back then. But it’s a fact of life that we can’t change the past, only learn from it.

It was a culmination of several things that brought about a change for me. These included some people that I’m ever grateful to have as part of my life, a particular book, and the more I think about it, just getting to a point where I realized I really needed to quit being so dang selfish and just grow up.

You see, people that live simply for the day and for themselves are cutting themselves short. They are living a shell of the life that they could potentially attain and this is exactly what I was doing. I was lucky the light bulb came on for me. I decided to go off to college and strove to constantly find ways to improve upon myself. I decided to quit running away from God and find the real answers I was looking for. And somewhere along the way, I found myself again and discovered passions for things I never knew existed. Instead of letting my circumstances define me I learned what I could from them and used those experiences to make myself stronger.

People that truly live life to its fullest live for something greater than themselves, whether it be an ideal, a religious belief, or an idea that could change the world. Living life to it’s fullest requires that we invest ourselves in something that will outlast us. In the end, what we’ve done for ourselves doesn’t really matter anyways; it’s the legacy we leave for others that is the true treasure.

“Only those who give away their lives for my sake and for the sake of the good news will ever know what it means to really live.”

— Mark 8:35

Who do you live for? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

2 thoughts on “Who are you living for?

  1. Some people never really “Get it” , meaning the true meaning of life. So proud of you.
    Love, Mom

  2. Sounds strangely familiar. Good for you and very well put.

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