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Unselfish investment

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by Jesse Bussard

This past Friday the Plant and Soil Science Department here at the University of Kentucky honored a past alumnus, Mr. Craig Hanson, of our department’s graduate program with the award of Distinguished Alumnus.  Hanson was a 1977 graduate of the MS Weed Science program. Along with his award, he was asked to give a seminar presentation about anything he desired. His seminar title was “The Science of Observation.” While Hanson touched on many aspects of his life, his career at Dow Agrosciences, and the people that made the biggest impact on him, one message stuck with me…“Unselfish investment in people drives progress.”

There’s a lot of power behind that statement and it’s one that I personally know the value of.  I’m not talking about financial investments here. I’m talking about the simple time and effort it takes to create a relationship with someone. Maybe you teach the other person something or they learn something from you. Either way, by knowing each other, by investing your time and effort into that person you help them to become better and improve upon themselves, whether it’s through helping them to discover who they are really meant to be or teaching them skills that will help them be successful in business down the road.

Growing up I didn’t have the most ideal childhood.  I was what many would call a lost soul during my latter high school years and after graduation.  But through the help and guidance of some good friends, family, and my old boss, I figured out what I needed to do with myself and came up with a plan. Now, I didn’t exactly stick to the same plan I started out with; it certainly evolved slightly overtime. But I have always stuck to my goals. When I start something, I finish it. And while some may not agree with all the choices I’ve made along the way, I don’t regret a single one. Each of these experiences have built upon the one before, teaching me more about myself than I ever thought possible and showing me that I’m capable of so much more. That is worth more than anything else to me.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

One thought on “Unselfish investment

  1. There is certainly a lot of truth to these words. It’s important to recognize these relationship – no matter how brief and remember to pay it forward – someone maybe relying on you in the same way etc. Thanks for the reminder. Great post, and thoughts.

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