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Weedy Wednesday: Cows weed out new forages


This calf is eating a musk thistle just like his mom taught him to do. Kathy Voth taught this herd to eat late-season diffuse knapweed in 2007 and they have gone on to choose everything in the pasture. - Photo courtesy of PFG by Kathy Voth

A Haiku
The War on Weeds ends
When cows begin to eat them.
Foe becomes forage.

I came across a great article and video in the Progressive Forage Grower┬ánewsletter yesterday. Kathy Voth, owner of Livestock for Landscapes, has pioneered a new method, based on principles of animal behavior, to train cattle to eat weeds. The great thing is, it’s working!!! Producers that have worked with her have had great success. They have reduced weed populations of many noxious and invasive weeds, increasing their forage availability drastically. Check out the video below where Kathy and several others talk about the economics of training cattle to eat weeds and the benefits this training can have for ranchers.

To read Kathy Voth’s story featured in Progressive Forage Grower click here.

3 thoughts on “Weedy Wednesday: Cows weed out new forages

  1. Hi Pearl Snaps/Jesse,

    Thanks for helping get the word out. Nice to meet a fellow cowgirl!

    Kathy Voth, Livestock for Landscapes.

    • Hi Kathy! I love the work that you are doing with cattle and weeds. These are two things that I am very interested in. Keep up the great work you are doing :) It’s nice to know there are other women as passionate about forages and pastures as I am.

  2. This is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Just sayin’ –@iAgri

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