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Thank a farmer today…

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Today is Thank a Farmer Thursday, a great day that celebrates what food producers do each day to feed our world.  This event was started by AgFACTS, Inc., which stands for Agriculture: Feeding and Clothing Tomorrow’s Society.

Thank A Farmer Thursday is a college campus event aimed at improving the image of agriculture by educating college students about where their food and clothing come from, providing facts about the vital role agriculture plays in our daily lives, and exposing students to the genuine values held by agriculturalists.

University of Florida, University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri State University, Colorado State, College of the Ozarks, Oklahoma State University, Texas A &M University, Kansas State University and the University Wisconsin-River Falls are all taking part, with college students standing up to take ownership of the food and agriculture debate.

AgFACTS focuses on several goals:

1) Facilitate a connection between producers and consumers and enable open communication to provide a learning platform for all participants.

2) Educate American consumers using factual information reinforced by scientific research and expert advice to address misconceptions about production agriculture.

3) Utilize multimedia sources to reach American consumers, with an emphasis on those residing in urban communities.

4) Expose consumers to the people within the agriculture industry and demonstrate the traditions, values and dedication that characterize the lifestyles of agriculturalists.

Thank A Farmer Thursday will help to accomplish these goals.

To learn more about this event, check out the following links:

And in honor of Thank a Farmer Thursday, I thought it was fitting to share this video:

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