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Beef Producer Blogs for Jan. 23rd – Feb. 20th

552699_10105119302493654_207597207_nI’ve been a little behind on reposting my Beef Producer blog posts on Fodder for Thought over here on Pearl Snaps. I hope you’ll forgive me for that. Here’s a list of my latest blogs written between January 23rd and February 20th. Click on the blog title in bold for a direct link to each post.

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Science Finally Measuring Values From Good Grazing Management

A healthy and productive grassland contains a diversity of biological creatures.

It has long been known by savvy graziers that the amount of biodiversity in a grassland ecosystem can be directly linked to how intensely the land is used, whether by livestock, wildlife or some other use.

Intensive use of grassland, through overgazing for example, can lead to declines in biodiversity. Researchers from Switzerland and Germany have discovered it is the rarest species that suffer the most. Their findings indicate that varying land-use intensity may be the answer to reducing these negative effects on biodiversity.

Click here to earn how on my Beef Producer blog, Fodder for Thought.

~ Jesse R. Bussard

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Proposing A New, Reductive New Year’s Resolution

If you are among the millions of Americans who set resolutions for the new year, I have some bad news for you.

Recent statistics from the University of Scranton show about 45% of people who make New Year’s resolutions but only 8% actually follow through and are successful at achieving their goals. That’s a pretty depressing number when you think of the overall number of people participating in this annual tradition.

A few things I found even more interesting however, were the rate of success by age and length of resolutions. It seems individuals in their twenties achieve far higher success reaching their goals (29%) than their counterparts over 50 (14%).

From these observations I ascertain that young people who are proactive and driven have a far higher likelihood at reaching New Year’s goals than the majority.

Given this information, I decided I would take a different route than the majority. Instead of setting resolutions, I am seeking to eliminate the clutter in my life, both personally and in business. You could say I’m “cutting the dead wood” a phrase I’ve lifted from Dave Pratt owner-operator of Ranching for Profit.

Click here to read just how I’m going to go about doing that on my Beef Producer blog, Fodder for Thought.

~ Jesse R. Bussard


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